NETlab receives NSF CDS&E grant

Our lab has been awarded a three-year Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering (CDS&E) grant from the National Science Foundation to study thermal transport across interfaces between 2D materials and 3D substrates. Using first-principles methods, we will identify 2D-3D materials pairings that lead to better heat removal, enabling faster and higher-performance 2D nanoelectronics. For more info:

Discovering better 2D thermoelectrics

Here is our newest article, just accepted in the new open-access Journal of Physics: Materials, in which we identify materials properties that will lead to higher thermoelectric power factors in two-dimensional materials. This work will help researchers discover new 2D TEs in the future:

Schematic of the role of inelastic scattering in enhancing thermoelectric properties in 2D materials.